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Payroll and Benefits



Payroll & benefits processing outsourcing becomes more and more popular nowadays. Payroll, payroll record keeping, payroll tax reporting has become both complex and full of traps for the unwary or uneducated. The process can be very time consuming and expensive. By outsourcing your payroll processing organizations are avoiding risks and taking advantage of all the advances in technology to save time and money.

Chinese tax laws and regulations are complicated and ever changing; the social and labor insurances are becoming forceful and more related legal responsibilities of both organizations and individuals need to fulfil and undertake. To correctly and accurately process payroll-related routines can be challenging. Our service is your best guarantee of getting these responsibilities undertaken with minimum cost and time. At Russell Bedford Hua-Ander, we have professionals specialising in payroll processing, social insurance contributions, individual income tax (IIT), and e-banking. For rep offices, we work closely with organizations such as FESCO to optimize the payroll and benefit profile of both expatriates and local staff. For companies, we work jointly with the HR department and do all the routines correctly. What a staff member of the client gets will be the net pay in his/her personal bank account, a detailed pay slip, the completed IIT return from the tax bureau, confirmed correct numbers of social insurance contributions from government entities, and peace of mind.

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Our Services include (but are not limited to) such work as

  • preparation of employee monthly payroll details, including calculations of IIT and social and labor insurance contributions payable
  • payroll slips
  • payroll ledger
  • payment of net pay electronically
  • registration and de-registration of expatriates
  • reporting of newly hired and resigning employees to the various agencies as stipulated by legislation in China
  • arranging payment of IIT
  • arranging payment of social and labor insurance contributions
  • consultation on labor contract, payroll and benefits profile, and labor dispute


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