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Capital Verification



According to Chinese Laws, paid-in capital of all companies including foreign investment entities shall be verified by CPAs, who issue capital verification reports upon completion of all verification procedures. This applies to circumstances of initial establishment, increasing or decreasing registered capital, change of investors (shareholders), and merger and acquisition. The capital verification report serves as an important document in registration with government, annual examination, and issuing capital contribution certificates to investors or shareholders.

A representative office of a foreign company does not need capital verification as no registered capital is required for setup of the office.


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Russell Bedford Hua-Ander provides fast and cost-effective capital verification service to all companies registered in mainland China. The capital contributions can be in form of cash, physical assets, intangible assets, or profit from related party under same control of a holding entity. Confirmations with the bank (cash injection) and the State Foreign Exchange Administration are required in the case of foreign investment.

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