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Special Purpose Audit



Special purpose audits refer to those circumstances in which the auditor is required to report on specific financial information for specific purposes to specific users, in comparison with the general audit of financial statements. Special purpose audit engagements, according to the International Standard On Auditing, include audits of:

  • A complete set of financial statements prepared in accordance with a an other comprehensive basis of accounting;
  • A component of a complete set of general purpose or special purpose financial statements, such as a single financial statement, specified accounts, elements of accounts, or items in a financial statement;
  • Compliance with contractual agreements; and
  • Summarized financial statements.

Typical special purpose audit services we provide include the following non-standard audits:

  • Tax audit
    Examples include annual enterprise income tax audit for companies, annual tax audit for representative offices of foreign companies, and specific-item tax report (eg.disposal of assets)

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As a member of the Chinese Certified Tax Agents Association (CCTAA), Russell Bedford Hua-Ander Certified Tax Agents Co.,Ltd is qualfied to conduct full scope tax audits, providing a cost-saving and efficient solution that integrates financial audit and tax audit.

  • Review of foreign exchange transactions
  • Audit of contract or agreement compliance
  • Audit of project funded by a non-profit or non-government organisation
  • Audit of a segment or department
  • Responsibility or performance audit
  • Leaving-post audit
  • Liquidation audit
  • Internal audit
  • Audit for loan purpose

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