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Pre-deal Assistance



While due diligence is the most important part of pre-deal activities, we also offer other assistance related to M&A transactions and those transactions involving IPO and strategic investments. Contract assistance, transaction structuring, and integration/separation assistance are examples of the services.

One of the areas we are most experienced in is assisting the target company in streamlining the accounting report system and improving the internal control system before the transaction. The propose is to clean up its accounting system to meet the basic requirements of applicable accounting standards and to enable the auditor or reporting accountant to perform his/her tasks smoothly and in a cost-effective way. Our accountants can also serve as a bridge between the company and the auditor/reporting accountant to make the communications between them more efficient and professional.

As a PCAOB registered firm, Russell Bedford Hua-Ander is available to assist management and auditors with US public company audits in various ways.  Firstly, we can aid in SOX compliance and financial statement engagements in preparation for a public company audit.  Secondly, we we are able to perform US public company audits in compliance with the PCAOB Audit Standards and SEC regulations. Our capability to perform audits of Chinese subsidiaries or entities of main operations in China of US public companies provides these companies with a best cost-effective option.


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