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    About Russell Bedford Hua-Ander    

In 1997, a group of colleagues working at one of the 'Big Four', well-trained in professional practice with valuable experiences but resentful against the constrained creativity, somewhat bureaucratic management, and clients' complaint about high cost, decided to set up Russell Bedford Hua-Ander accounting firm, a firm where both our dream client services and individual values can be realized.

It has been and will always be our mission to turn our expertise and experience into value for the benefit of our clients and our people, aiming to provide our clients with alternative cost-effective solutions. Looking back to the past decade, we are proud to see that Russell Bedford Hua-Ander has grown into a prominent firm offering a variety of professional services, with a number of satisfied and loyal clients and much enlarged group of people of high integrity and capability.


Since the first day of Russell Bedford Hua-Ander, we have established our core values and are constantly guided by them. Two Chinese characters 德 (virtue or integrity) and 技 (expertise or professional competence) set the core of our values. In everything we do, we are honest and act with integrity, both as an organization and as individuals. To provide high quality services, we strive to uphold the highest professional standards by developing unremittingly personal knowledge, skills, experience, and perspectives and sharing them with other members of the firm. Our business tenet is

To win the trust with our honesty and to serve clients with our expertise

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