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In addition to our main professional services, we also provide training sessions as a value-added service to our clients. The training courses can be organized in flexible way and to suit the client's specific need and learning method. Our training courses are typically integrated as an add-in with our other main services, as a tool of formal communication with members of our clients. An example is that when we complete design of the internal control system, we normally conduct a training session to relevant staff of the client.

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Our technical updating courses are organized on a regular basis, aiming at updating the participants with new developments and changes in professional standards of accounting and auditing and new tax laws, regulations, provisions,and circulars. These courses are open to our existing audit, accounting and tax clients and serve as a vehicle facilitating the technical exchange between our clients and our professionals.

We also deliver special 'in-house services' for companies wishing to have a custom-designed course, with specific contents and training methods.


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